Tuesday, August 3, 2010

8 Recommended Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online

As you know, you can maximize your online earnings by joining some affiliate program. There are many affiliate program to join but you may confused which program to join. You have to focus on your niche what you are blogging for. If your blog is related to web hosting niche, then you have to join Web Hosting Affiliate program. You reader visits your blog to gain the knowledge about your niche. So, they always looks for the related service that matches with your niche.

You have to choose and good affiliate program that is sustainable and related your niche. Here I have collected some best site that contains affiliate program:

HostGator: It is one of the popular web hosting company around the world. You can earn high commission and receive thousands of dollar by uplifting their product. Payments are based on the each sign up(s) that you have mad on the month. For the first five months, you will get $50 per sign up and it continues price increasing by months of affiliate. Join HostGator Affiliate program.

Just Host: It is another recommended web hosting company. You can earn more from this affiliate program. Up to 1-3 months, you'll receive $60 per sign up(s) if you sale at lest 3 product.

Commission Junction: It takes time to get approved by them. You'll get paid by cheque or back account. They do not support for Paypal payment. There are many advertiser that we have to join by publisher. CJ is one of the recommended affiliate program.

Click Bank: You'll get 75% of total product that you sell. They have thousands of products as they pay higher than other networks. It is also recommend to all users and free to join. It doesn't support for Paypal payment.

Conduit: You can earn higher payment from this company. You will get $10 to $50 per active referral. You can obtain huge commission than other.

BlueHost: You'll get paid by driving customer to their company. You'll receive $65 per referral by promoting your affiliate link and sales.

Ixwebhosting: Sign up more customer through your affiliate and earn $50 to $150 each signup(s). This is one of the highest paying company.

DreamHost: This is one of the popular web hosting company. If you send one first customer, you will receive $97 and $5 each referral. However, they doesn't support for Paypal payment.

These are the best and recommended affiliate program that you have to join to make higher payment online. If you have a popular blog with related niche, you can earn more money by joining these affiliate site. Some of these site pay you more than 50%. So, why not to join rather than to waste your blog space for affiliate link?

What is your best affiliate program that you mostly recommend and make money from it?

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