Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to Get Back Hacked Facebook Account

These days there are many ways facebook account can be hacked easily and many people are falling victims to these hackers. Its very easy to get trapped by hackers, they use more sophisticated methods to do it. And are you in such a situation? Did some one hacked your facebook account ?

There should be any thing to worry if it is yes. Before losing hope there are some things that can be done to get your Hacked Face Book Account Back.
First of all you can try resetting your account password on facebook. But this could help only in rare cases, because most hackers are intelligent and they surely will have changed the default email address. But if some body have accidentally(though the chances are extremely narrow) logged into your account and has changed only the password of your face book account, this might help you in recovering your account password and gain access to your compromised account.

facebook2 How to Get Back Hacked Facebook Account

But things get much more worse when the hacker changes the email address in your Face Book Account. You’ll no longer be able to reset the account password and gain access to the account.

But there is a way.

Face Book provides a page for you to help you to in recovering the hacked account .

Visit http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=account_compromised

Inside the contact Form You need to Fill in the Following Details Correctly.

Full name on the account:

Enter the Full Name as you have given in Your Face Book Account.

Network(s) the account belongs to:

Enter the names of the networks you have joined. Include as many as possible.

Email addresses that may be affiliated with the account:

This is the email address you used as username to login to face book.

Your contact email address:

Enter a email address you can be contacted by facebook. They will contact you regarding this issue.

URL (web address link) of the profile page:

Give the link to your facebook profile address.

Description and steps to reproduce the issue:

Provide as much as information in here regarding how your face book account was hacked etc. It is recommended to include the time and date when you were able to access your account for the last time.

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